How professional carpet cleaning safeguards your health

You might have heard how important it is to have clean carpets, but did you know professional carpet cleaning keeps you healthy?

carpet cleaningBut first, how do you choose your carpet cleaning company?

Just like any other service business, proximity and reputation come to play when you need a professional carpet cleaning company. You need a carpet cleaning company within your area so that you don’t get charged extra to cover travel expenses.

You need to know how reputable their service is. For example, inhabitants of Annapolis mostly use Annapolis Clean Carpet since they are close and have built trust with their customers after many years of service.

Now for the healthy part

Contrary to the popular belief that carpet cleaning is just about making your house clean, neat, and dust-free, there is a lot of health benefits you can draw from professional carpet cleaning.

In this article you will know how frequently you need to engage your professional carpet cleaning company for maximum health benefits as well as the health benefits you’ll gain when you steadfastly stick to your carpet cleaning schedules and routines.

Professional carpet cleaning safeguards your health in the following ways;

  1. Eliminates indoor pollution

Your house should be your safe space. Ideally, you shouldn’t be worried about pollution when you get home, but the truth is, the air in our houses is heavily laden with pollen, bacteria, food crumbs and dust. These pollutants float freely into our noses, eyes and mouth so much that you can catch colds and the flu. When you clean your carpet, these impurities will be removed from the carpet hence ridding the air of its toxicity.

  1. Kill dust mites

While you can brag to have the best insect control, dust mites are not very easy to eliminate. They are very tiny creatures but they leave very harmful allergens behind. The dust mites find dirty carpets a conducive environment to live and reproduce. Even when they naturally die, they leave body particles and excrements that can cause serious allergies when inhaled. Different carpet cleaning companies use different methods to eliminate dust mites, Annapolis Clean Carpet uses steam cleaning to kill dust mites with high temperatures, this leaves your indoor environment safe.

  1. Inhibits growth of mold

Dirty carpet is like a flower bed of mold, especially if you live in highly humid areas. Your carpet when dirty and moist will create the best conditions for the mold to grow and multiply exposing you to allergens that cause nasal congestion, coughing, throat infections and breathing difficulties. Professional carpet cleaners will regularly rid your carpet of mold spores and bacteria hence inhibiting growth of mold and mildew. Only professional carpet cleaning has been shown to do this. Home solutions and rental machines are typically not powerful enough to do a true deep cleaning.

How often should you have your carpet professionally cleaned?

The frequency of professional carpet cleaning depends on factors like traffic and humidity. If you have a huge family it means there’s a lot of traffic on the carpet and hence more dirt, dust and other pollutants get absorbed into the carpet fabrics, therefore you should get professional cleaning more frequently— not less than three times a year.

Also, if you live in areas that have high humidity, it means so much moisture interact with dust on the carpet and result in caked mess. Mold will also grow and pose health problems, you should therefore get professional carpet cleaning more often.

Did I mention pets and babies?

Pets and babies spend most of their time lounging on the carpet, you should therefore ensure that it is always free from dust and moisture as their immune system is weak and just a short contact with pollutants on the carpet can cause long term infections.

Pets may also mess your carpet. Do weekly vacuuming and get professional cleaning as frequent as three times a year.

Generally, you should get your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year.  This is because professional carpet cleaners have better cleaning equipment that do a thorough job at keeping your home a healthy environment.

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